"Over the years, I found that I've needed a good counsellor to talk to, to help me deal with various 'life' events, such as bereavement, divorce, breakdown of relationships and depression. Claire is one of the better counsellors, if not the best I have seen. I found Claire very easy to talk to, and that she had a range of tools and techniques to help deal with the challenges I was facing. For me, what really stands out with Claire, is her approach-ability and willingness to try and accommodate appointments at relatively short notice. We can't always tell when it will feel like we're in crisis, so being able to communicate promptly, is, for me, of great importance. I've always found that Claire replies promptly to e-mails, and has so far always been able to see me within a few days. This is stark contrast to other counselors who typically offer to see you in 5 or 6 weeks, which really isn't much help if you're in a bad place. I would highly recommend Claire."  

" A safe space to share. I’ve gained so much having sessions with Claire. She is kind calm empathetic gentle and wise. She’s mindful and respectful and always accommodating I love her holistic approach and I connected with and found benefit in this."

"After a couple of false starts with other counsellors ,Claire , was recommended to me at a very tough emotional period during my marriage break up .When I first saw Claire, my self confidence and self-esteem were at an all-time low. Through my sessions with Claire, , talking and some exercises, I learnt to understand myself ,my own emotions and also to understand other people’s behaviours . Claire’s approach is very relaxed and I immediately felt at ease and knew she was someone I could talk to. I would recommend Claire without hesitation and thank her wholeheartedly for the help she gave me."

“Thanks to Claire, I was able to forgive the inner child I always reprimanded. She taught me to love myself via words of affirmation. Over the span of 7 difficult months, my way of life was changed for the better thanks to her help and influence!”