Masks, we all wear them sometimes but if your wearing yours too much it can get very tiring and lonely.



Emotional therapeutic counselling is all about feelings. What is your core feeling right now? Often these feelings which can make us feel uncomfortable come from our childhood and unless dealt with  never go away.It could be that you have experienced a big change in your life recently or been through some kind of trauma, which could also have triggered something from your past.


My aim for you is to to find a greater understanding for why you feel like you do, think like you do and behave like you do, so that you can identify and make changes where those old beliefs are not serving you, for a more positive and empowering future.


Counselling goes at a client's pace and the number of sessions will vary according to a client's needs.

I am a member of FETC

I am a member of The National Counselling Society

Ask Yourself Some Questions


Try to be honest with yourself because until you are you will keep going round in circles and the cycle will continue. Write down what's wrong.What are your instincts telling you to do ?  How can you move forward ?


The first step is the hardest but it doesn't mean it's wrong.



I want to move on but don't know how.


I want something to change but what's stopping me ?


I need a safe place to face difficulties in my life so that I can understand them and know where they have come from and make sense of them.



You hold the key.

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