Brought up in a small Lancashire town I couldn't wait to head for the big city of London when I was eighteen.


I had an ambition to train as an actress which I eventually did after working as a nanny.


After various jobs I became dissolutioned with the profession and decided to train as an aromatherapist and later as a healer.


This brought me into contact with a lot people on a very personal level.Often there were deep emotional issues they needed help with but at the time I was not qualified to do so.


During this time I had a son and later became very ill.I had a lot of soul searching to do.Once I became better I felt re-born as though I had been given a second chance to live and so when my son was old enough I decided to train to become a counsellor.


First with Gloucestershire Counselling Services and later with the Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling.


I have always believed in the Mind , Body and Spirit connection, as an American Indian once said it should be the Spirit first not the others after.And he was right, because if the soul or spirit of the peron is in a good place then the rest will follow.

My Therapy

Although we had been told of the changes we might go through during our training I was still surprised when it started happening.A bit like a stream trickling to begin with as things start to appear which question who you are and why you do the things you do and later it turns into a river as the answers become clearer.It all made sense.Feelings I had been holding for years came out and I learnt to love myself probably for the first time in my life.It is powerful.Through discussion, reading, therapy and using various 'tools' during class I was able to let go and work through deep emotions.

Dreams contact our subconsciouness when we are sleeping.

Your inner-self wants to help you feel better.


Therapy provides the kind of modeling and mirroring that most of us did not receive from our major caretakers. Behaviours reflect habitual and unconscious patterns.


From letter writing to journaling.Using visualisation techniques and dream logging.We have various 'tools' at our dissposal to tap into both the the unconsciouness and the consciouness.

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As part of our training we study many issues from child abuse, addictions, domestic abuse, low self esteem, anxiety, depression, bereavement and loss, illness, phobias, self harm and suicide to name but a few..


I believe as I have not had an easy life but experienced many things both on a personal and family level I am in a good position to offer lots of empathy, patience and time to listen in a safe non-judgemental  and completely confidential role.

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